Midwest Oil Solutions will show you how to run your equipment on clean oil all the time. Enjoy the benefits of safely extending oil drain intervals while maximizing the life and effectiveness of your equipment. Kleenoil On-Board filtration systems continuously clean your oil by removing water and contaminant particles down to
1 micron. MOS is focused on providing environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions to meet your lubrication needs. Let us show you how to save green and go green today!

Take a look at other ways we are helping our customers go green and save money:

The Kleenoil Filtration system is a bypass oil filter that passes only a small portion of the total oil flow. More
Bio-Matrix is a natural absorbent made from sphagnum moss…a made to order natural solution for environmental spills. More
Power-Up specializes in lubrication and oil additive products. Use their products for automotive, industrial, and marine applications. More